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Benefits of renting MicroFridge
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  • MicroFridge makes the living experience!

    Housing Engagement and Student Life is offering first year students an opportunity to enhance their residential experience by renting a MicroFridge unit for their assigned room.

    MicroFridge is the original refrigerator, freezer and microwave specially designed for the college environment. It is bigger than units sold “off the shelf” in stores, but still meets Regis University Housing guidelines.

    The powerful, 700-watt microwave has both defrost and cook settings. It offers a zero-degree freezer, cold enough to make ice cubes and keep ice cream frozen. The refrigerator is a roomy 2.13 cubic feet and is controlled by an adjustable thermostat.

    The MicroFridge freezer offers much more than mini-refrigerators available in retail outlets. Retail models are typically single-door models with an internal ice compartment that is too small and not meant for long-term storage of frozen foods. The end result is melted ice cream, defrosted frozen dinners and liquefied ice pops.

    The MicroFridge appliance offers a separate, spacious .75 cubic foot true zero-degree freezer compartment that can hold and freeze a half gallon of ice cream, 5 frozen entrees, frozen juices and plenty of ice. That’s more than twice the size of a typical internal ice compartment available in most single-door refrigerators.

    Micro-Fridge is loaded with innovative features
    to make any space more functional and appealing, this environmentally friendly unit delivers the ultimate in versatility... you can even charge your personal electronics with it!

    Safe Plug® Technology, patent-pending power
    management system, limits power draw to just
    11 amps, requires just one dedicated circuit for the combination appliance.

    Overall dimensions and measurements: 18 5/8” X 19 1/2” X 43 1/2”.
  • Benefits of Renting MicroFridge

  • It's Cheaper

    When splitting the cost with your roommate, it cost less than $57 per semester per student which is much cheaper than purchasing a unit, you may only need a fridge rental for your first year. After that, you may continue to rent, or live in housing that has a fridge provided.
  • It’s Way More Convenient!

    We will have it installed into your room before you arrive on campus.

    We will remove it from your room after you check out.

    If it breaks down during the year, we come and repair/replace it for you.

    It’s one less thing you will have to pack and load into your car.

  • It’s Way Better for the Environment

    Our units are ultra-energy efficient and use 40% less energy.

    One less thing you will have to dispose of after college.

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