**This annual registration is a required document for ALL participants.**
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  • *Please fill out the entire form even if you believe you are unable to attend.*
  • Have you completed your FAFSA?

  • I, the undersigned, am applying to participate in programs provided by Wyman Center in 2017. I am aware that there are potential hazards and risks involved in some programs. I am willingly participating in all aspects of the residential and/or day camp program (including field trips and transportation) under the supervision of Wyman staff.

  • I give my consent to Wyman to use videos and/or photographs of me for brochures, to display in photo albums, advertisements or for other publicity purposes.

  • I recognize that Wyman conducts surveys to determine the impact of the program. Surveys consist of questions about participants’ experiences and satisfaction with the program, and about changes in attitudes, knowledge and behavior. Individuals’ responses are kept completely confidential.

  • Wyman seeks to support and stay updated on students and their academic progress. As such, we would like to receive your college enrollment and degree completion information from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). I authorize the Wyman Teen Leadership Program to verify information reported to the NSC by schools I have or will attend.

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