GSOC Girl Scout Take Action Award Nomination Form
NEW Nomination Deadline: February 4th @ 6:08 pm (2-4-6-8) annually

Submit this form to nominate a registered GSOC Girl Scout Cadette, Senior, and/or Ambassador troop/group or individual who has made a significant and lasting impact in her community through a Take Action project.

Nominators are notified in March.

Awardees are announced at the annual GSOC Recognition Event.
  • Who Nominates

    Girl/Troop may be nominated by a Troop Leader or Advisor, Service Unit Manager, or other Girl Scout Adult, or by a sister Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador. Nominations submitted by a parent for their own daughter are discouraged. When possible, nominations should be made by an individual not related to the nominee.

    The Nominator describes why the troop/group or girl should be considered for the GSOC Girl Scout Take Action Award and describes how the project demonstrates lasting impact to the community outside of Girl Scouting.

    Note: The project can be provided in the troop, group, or individual's own community or in any other location where a need is met and the effort make the world a better place through sustainable change and may be completed as part of a journey, Girl Scout Silver Award, or Girl Scout Gold Award Take Action project, however, this is not required.
  • First and Last Name OR Troop # if a Troop Nomination
  • About the Take Action Project

  • First and Last Name OR Troop # if a Troop Nomination
  • First and Last Name OR Troop # if a Troop Nomination
  • First and Last Name OR Troop # if a Troop Nomination
  • The Take Action Award recognizes efforts that provide sustainable, lasting change.
  • The Take Action Project may be part of a Girl Scout Highest Award or Journey Award, but this is not required.
  • If yes, please upload additional pages or reference letter as needed and include the nominee's name/Troop #/Group Name in the file name.
  • Project Photos

    Please upload one or more best project photo(s) that show leadership in action during the implementation of the project! (High resolution .jpg or .png file is preferred.)