HUSKY RESCUE WA - Expression of Interest
To assist us in selecting a suitable rescue dog for your household, we would appreciate your answers to the below questions.

A fence check is mandatory on receiving a rescue dog, if you can supply/attach photos of your fence and yard the process is easier for us to ensure your suitability.

We will contact you when a suitable dog becomes avaliable or if you are successful in the application for a specific dog.

• Husky Rescue WA offers adoptive families a 2-4 week trial when we place a dog in you care.
• Please contact us if you no longer require a Dog.
• Your details are kept on record for 3 months for Adoption and 12 months for foster. After this time, if you are still interested in adoption/foster please contact us via email or resubmit this Questionnaire.
  • Fosters are needed over busy periods, but most of the dogs in Husky Rescue go straight into Trial Adoptive homes.
  • Please note majority of our dogs are aged between 2 & 6 years of age and wanting puppies puts you in bottom of the list, unless you enquire about a existing young rescue pup
  • * Please note Cats, and Small animals are not usually recommended with Huskies, having a Cat will likely affect this application. Also housing of other pets needs to be secure especially birds and Fish
  • Husky Rescue suggest you get permission before taking a dog to avoid problems later on.
  • *Fence height recommendation is 1.8 meters (6 ft) or higher and not cattle fencing. MUST be secure with no footholds or loose makeshift fencing, and be made of Lattice.