Life Church Worship Team Audition Form
Please fill out this form if you are interested in auditioning to be a part of the Life Church Worship Team
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    Being part of any worship team is an honor, form of service and privilege allowed by God. We are here to serve God and the body that He has entrusted to us. It is not about us. Our purpose is to humbly take those we are leading, the body, into the Throne Room of God in Worship. A heart of humility and selfless service is needed.

    Worship Team Policies and Procedures
    The following is key information that you will need to know as a musician/vocalist.
    1. We are not here to perform by creating an emotional musical experience. We are here to lead God’s people into the place of worship. Remember that we on stage are not the worship team ministering to the people in the audience, EVERYONE in the entire room is the worship team ministering to the Lord.

    2. Sunday morning rehearsal STARTS at 8:15AM so that we can be completed by 9:15AM and ready for pre-service prayer with the leadership team. To be a part of this team, you are expected to arrive on Sunday morning with enough time to have your instruments and music READY TO PLAY by the 8:15AM start time. This includes all set up, checking of your instrument, cables, amps, drums, and microphones. Arriving at 8:13AM and scrambling to set up your area will be considered as tardiness. Consistent tardiness will result in removal from the worship team at the discretion of leadership.

    3. Sound engineers are expected to arrive at the church with enough time to have the system powered on, checked for problems, all wireless mics and batteries in place by the 8:15AM start time.

    4. Charts and mp3s for Sunday will be posted online. To download charts or stream songs, go to You will be given an account with a username and password.

    5. All musicians and singers need to own their own set of in-ear monitors (ear buds). A good entry – level set are the Sure SE215 ear buds. Consumer grade ear buds (iphone, skull candy, etc.) are not sufficient for use in live music performance situations.

    6. All scheduling will be done through Planning Center. Please promptly accept or decline any dates sent to you. Also, block off any dates you know that you are not available as soon as possible. Bands and singers will receive their schedule for the month around one month in advance. If you need to cancel after you have accepted a position for a service, do not simply go online and hit decline. Contact Ryan first to explain the situation.

    7. Practice on your own time. Come ready on Sunday to rehearse NOT PRACTICE. It is important that learn your parts during the week on your own time and come prepared to our rehearsal. If you need help learning parts and songs, private instruction can be available to you during the week.

    8. Be ready to come back on stage at the end of the sermon when the countdown timer reaches zero. Pastor should not have to call for the worship team and leadership should not have to go searching for the band/singers.

    9. Be on stage no later than 2 minutes before the start time according to the countdown on the screen. Transition time between services is sometimes brief, so everyone needs to be accessible and ready for the next service.

    10. Dress Code: Be careful not to bring attention to yourself by your wardrobe. Shorts, spaghetti straps, clingy material (tight tops or bottoms), low-cut blouses, skirts that are above the knee, tank or tube tops, and sleeveless or backless blouses are some examples of clothing that are not acceptable for platform ministry. Please do not wear hats on stage.

    11. All members of the worship team are expected to attend Life Church regularly on Sundays even when not scheduled for the ministry team. Regional musicians who are brought in to serve on the Life Church team are required to committed in serving at another local church and/or para-church ministry.

    12. All members of the worship team scheduled on a particular Sunday must sit in the teaching portion of one of the two services (not be wandering the building, socializing in the welcome center, etc)

    If there are consistent violations of any of the issues addressed in this agreement such as excessive tardiness or lack of preparation, you may be removed from the Worship Team for a season at the discretion of leadership.