Hawaii Rising Stars Training Team Registration
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    Please input a mobile number that we can text you because sometimes we cannot reach players through email.
  • IMPORTANT: All communication from the Showcase will go to this email address. Please make sure that you check YOUR email address for updates from us.
  • Block Jump
    Approach Jump
    Please input these numbers if you have them. Example: Approach Jump: 9'10".
  • Please give us 5 jersey number preferences in order of priority. ie., 5, 9, 11, 15, 21
  • List or explain your high school volleyball experience and/or highlights.
  • Coaches will likely contact your club coach is they are interested in you.
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    All Players must read and sign below to participate in the Showcase.
  • All Players must sign here regardless of age.
  • If Player is under 18, a parent or guardian MUST also sign here.

    The Fee for the Training/LiveStream is $50 and the Jersey is $25 for a total of $75. Trainings are every other Sunday and the Cost is $50.