Amethyst BioMat Consent Form
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  • Consent and Contraindications

    I, the undersigned, am in full agreement that the Amethyst BioMat is not a proven method, cure or treatment of disease or condition, nor has it been portrayed as such. The Amethyst BioMat is a self-administered procedure where I, the user of the equipment, am solely responsible for my own actions and release the attending Technician, Facility and Manufacturer from any liability regarding my health issues.

    I further understand that neither B+You nor any of its affiliates, owners, or associates are Medical Doctors and Do Not Diagnose, Prescribe, or claim to cure any ailments, conditions, or disease.

    All results contribute to research and the utilization in future programs of Self Health Aid, while preserving my privacy, and waive any liability on behalf of the Technician serving me.

    Contraindications: A contraindication is a condition in which a procedure should NOT be administered or should be used with caution and/or only with Doctor's Release/Prescription to protect the user.

    The following are the contraindications for utilizing the Amethyst BioMat:
  • In Addition to Contraindications:

    In addition, clients should not wear metal, or use a computer or mobile device, during the Amethyst BioMat session. Though it is not dangerous, clients with metal implants may find the treatment somewhat uncomfortable, but acceptable.

    If there is any doubt whether a client should receive the Amethyst BioMat treatment, the client should consult their primary healthcare professional or physician.
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