SRT Major Awards Nomination - Great Southern 2022
To nominate a student from a Great Southern campus who will complete their training in 2022.
  • Selection Criteria

    Answer all five sections below with as much information as you are able. (There are helpful questions in each section to prompt you)
  • How has the student demonstrated training excellence in their course?
    Describe how you rate the student’s overall ability in the course?
    How does the student demonstrate understanding of the value of learning?
  • Any personal or career gains the student has achieved from participating in their studies and/or job?
    Have they combined on-the-job and off-the-job training?
  • Consider how the student has developed the following skills through their training:
    • Effective oral and written communication?
    • Leadership, effective team participation, and level of self-reliance and resilience in challenges?
  • Their capacity to be an effective ambassador for their training, industry or other things they are involved in?
    Do they currently, or have capacity in future, to encourage others who are interested in entering the same training pathway?
    Any knowledge or understanding the student has gained of new developments and trends in the workplace or industry and the vocational education and training system?
  • Are you aware of any information about the student’s achievements in areas other than study and work, including involvement in the community?
  • Attach a resume or other supporting information you may have about the student (not compulsory).