ReelLIFE SCIENCE Schools Application Form 2019
Please fill out the Application Form below so your video can be considered for the ReelLIFE SCIENCE video competition 2019. Videos will be shortlisted by a team of scientists and science students, and sent to a panel of special guest judges who will pick the eventual winners. Details of the winning schools will be announced during Science Week 2019 and will be publicised by NUI Galway and online. Best of luck!
  • Tick all classes involved in making the video
  • Tick all years involved in making the video
  • Give your video a name to differentiate it from others
  • Please make sure the link to your video is working and the video privacy settings are set to 'PUBLIC' so the judges can view it. Videos set to 'PRIVATE' or 'UNLISTED' may not be viewable.
  • Optional. Leave blank if none.
  • Optional. Leave blank if none.
  • e.g. name of newspaper, website, etc.
  • Please tick 'No' to confirm that copyrighted material (images, music, sound recordings, video clips (e.g. TV, movies, online videos) etc.) has not been used without permission in your video. Please use royalty-free or original music in your video.
  • Please tick 'Yes' to confirm that all necessary permissions and releases from all persons appearing or identified in the video or any associated photos/still images have been obtained.
  • Click 'Yes' to confirm you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions (
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