UKF3A Expense Claim Form (CDs & Judges only)
Note: Expense claims submitted by Judges MUST be approved by the Contest Director prior to payment.
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  • £ .
    Indicate total cost to be claimed ............... @ £0.45p Per Mile
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    £8.00 per Judge or Scorer
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    Overnight stays can only be CLAIMED with the pre-approval of the CD.
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    Please specify detail in 'Comments' below and provide copies of receipts where possible.
  • Scan and upload any receipts to support claim
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    Specify total amount to be claimed.
  • All donations will go to the appropriate Team Travel Fund unless specified here.
    Expense claims will be reimbursed electronically unless specified here.

Once you press 'submit' the Treasurer will receive a copy of your expense request, and where required an email will automatically be sent to the Contest Director requesting approval prior to payment being released.

Regards, GBR/CAA Treasurer