Program Proposal Form
Use this form to propose a program that you would like to have run through East Lyme Parks and Recreation.
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  • Be specific and complete. Is this a one-time program or will participants participate season after season? Is this program a building block for participation in other future programs? Is there a community benefit to this program?
  • Be specific AND measurable. What will the participants get out of this program?
  • Must be proposed the season prior to the intended program season.
  • Distinguish between equipment YOU can provide, equipment you need ELP&R to provide, and equipment that participants must bring.
  • Our programs are self-funded, which means we can only run programs that we can afford to run. ELP&R can assist in current market price conditions. ELP&R reserves the right to refrain from offering a program that is deemed incorrectly priced.
  • East Lyme Parks and Recreation hires both employees and independent contractors to lead programs. Based on the number of boxes checked, the Town of East Lyme will make a final determination which method will be used.
  • Thank you for your time and consideration. This proposal form will be reviewed by the Program Coordinator, who will reach out to you after review.