NMED Deputy Secretary
The New Mexico Environment Department’s (NMED) mission is to protect and restore the environment and to foster a healthy and prosperous New Mexico for present and future generations. We implement our mission guided by four tenets: (1) Science: Using the best available science to inform our decision-making in protecting public health and the environment. (2) Innovation: Employing creative engineering and technological solutions to address environmental challenges. (3) Collaboration: Engaging communities and interested stakeholders in environmental decision-making outcomes. (4) Compliance: Ensuring meaningful compliance with state regulations and permits; leveling the playing field through enforcement.

The Deputy Cabinet Secretary is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Governor, reporting directly to the NMED Cabinet Secretary. The Deputy Secretary maintains a robust portfolio while supporting the Department and Administration priorities, goals and deadlines. Within the Deputy Cabinet Secretary’s portfolio are leadership and management responsibilities. The Deputy Cabinet Secretary directly manages and supports the Department’s Division Directors: Administrative Services Division, Environmental Protection Division, Resource Protection Division, Water Protection Division and a new Environmental Health Division (as of July 1, 2021). In addition, the Deputy Cabinet Secretary takes a leadership role in daily operations, including working towards continuous improvement of operations while motivating and removing barriers from management and staff to facilitate the Department’s mission. The Deputy Cabinet Secretary also assists with supporting Agency boards/commissions, strategic planning, agency budget, policy development, and coordination/collaboration with external partners and stakeholders. Traditionally, the Deputy generally serves on the Water Quality Control Commission as the Secretary’s designee.

The ideal candidate must have a demonstrated business acumen in leading people, managing change, and fiscal planning/execution. The ideal candidate must excel in working in structured and unstructured environments while managing multiple projects with competing deadlines, often without adequate budget or staff. The ideal candidate must possess exceptional communication skills, both oral and written, knowing how to effectively communicate with a wide variety of stakeholders. Travel is required with this position.

The Department expects to fill this position in April of 2021.
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