BMusic Submission

    BMusic is part of the BizInTheHood network and not a typical "music app", but rather an advertisement opportunity for our clients. Our clients pay for certain levels of promotion across our variety of applications. BMusic, however, while an advertisement, is being provided FREE to you. A FREE advertisement for your music, for you. So Rep The B. Better believe, we are going to rep you!
  • Each version of the app is city specific. BMusic Philadelphia, BMusic Atlanta, BMusic Chicago... etc. Let us know the city you claim as your hood!
  • Note:

    BMusic is for Bizinthehood Members (Clients) Only.

    If you just joined Bizinthehood and have not yet received your Account Number and ID info, don't worry about it, just complete the rest of the form. If you have just recently registered with Bizinthehood, your Account Number, ID, etc. will be sent to you by email shortly.

    If you have not joined yet, be sure to do so by visiting www.
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  • Content Submission

    Ok, send us a couple pics and your best track. You will have an opportunity to submit additional tracks after we get you set up. Don't worry.... it is still FREE. ;)
  • Select the Genre that best fits your sound.
    You may select more than one.
  • Certification:

    I hereby register to have an account with Bizinthehood and/or commission Bizinthehood to provide services to client (listed above), and provide permission for the client’s name, website, email, social media, product/service information, etc. along with submitted content (pictures, video, music, audio tracks, etc.) to be used in the creation of promotional/advertising/marketing services through Bizinthehood platforms, including, but not limited to the Bizinthehood websites and mobile apps, and understand that all content submitted must be owned by the client and does not violate copyright laws. I understand that Bizinthehood may use said information, content, promos, advertising materials, video, audio, etc., in its marketing efforts and promotional campaigns without compensation. I understand that by conducting this transaction with Bizinthehood, I agree to abide by the Policies, Terms and Conditions of Bizinthehood. I also understand that Bizinthehood makes no claims or assurances of an increase in sales or revenue as a result of using its services and that receiving services from Bizinthehood does not serve as an endorsement of client by Bizinthehood.

    Client also agrees that if becoming a Member of Bizinthehood, to proudly represent Bizinthehood, by including the Bizinthehood Logo (hereto referred to as “The B”) on client printed and digital media, either stand alone or included as part of the “icon line” (along with client’s social media/other internet presence icons). Client also agrees to represent Bizinthehood by telling the public to “find me on Bizinthehood”, either as a stand along statement or included as part of “find me” proclamations of client social media/internet presence outlets. Client understands that Bizinthehood maintains the right to delete, suspend, or take any actions deemed appropriate as it relates to client content throughout the Bizinthehood network including, but not limited to, the Bizinthehood website, apps, the Bizinthehood Game, video, print or any Bizinthehood produced, controlled or sponsored content, without notice and at its sole discretion, without compensation, reimbursement or liability, for any violation of the language contained with this Agreement or any violation of the Policies, Terms and Conditions of Bizinthehood.

    Client furthermore understands that any work product of Bizinthehood that is altered or not properly credited acknowledging its origins as Bizinthehood produced product is subject to legal action.

    I hereby certify that I am a representative of, or am, the client listed above, that I am authorized to enter into agreements on its behalf, and that I have read and agree to the terms of this Agreement.
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