Coaching Engagement
  • Please Read Carefully

    This form is used to formally initiate the coaching relationship between John Collins (coach), a trained professional coach, and the client indicated below. If you have any questions, please email Mr. Collins at john@criticalvictories or call (517) 803-4063.

    Please note that "client" may refer to both the person who will work directly with the coach during the coaching session(s), also known as the "participant", and/or a representative of the participant(s)' employer who is authorized to initiate this engagement.
  • About Coaching

    Coaching is a professional practice that aims to accelerate the development, growth, maturity, and professionalism of clients so that they can achieve whatever goals they are willing to set for themselves. While coaches ask many questions, give feedback, offer suggestions, and provide information, they do not make decisions for clients or force clients to do anything against their will. As a client, you accept full responsibility for all actions and decisions you make. Although your coach will work in partnership with you, you will only get out of the coaching experience what you choose to put into it. Be honest, open, and committed to the process at all times, and be sure to advise your coach if you find any part of the experience to be troublesome, uncomfortable, or counterproductive.

    Coaching is not therapy, and while it helps most people, it isn’t always or completely effective. If it becomes the opinion of the coach that the client is in need of therapy, or if the client is not participating satisfactorily, the coach may elect to terminate this agreement with a full refund of any cancelled sessions or pre-paid time.
  • Appointments, Fees, and Cancelations

    Individual appointments vary depending on client needs and preferences, as well as the coaching program selected by the client. Coaching sessions can be held in-person, by telephone, by Skype, or by FaceTime. The coaching engagement will begin upon any of the following conditions: 1)payment of the invoice in full, 2) a deposit equal to the fees charged for three sessions, or 3) upon sufficient confirmation of the client's intent to pay the balance due. The client may terminate the coaching engagement at any time, but understands that the first three sessions are not refundable. If it becomes necessary to cancel an appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance (by phone or email) to avoid a $25 cancelation fee, to be administered at the discretion of the coach. The coach reserves the right to postpone future coaching sessions until payment is received for any late fees or coaching fees. If a late fee is not paid within one month of being charged, the coaching engagement may be terminated.
  • Confidentiality

    Information that clients provide during a coaching session will remain confidential, unless the client provides specific permission to release the information or if it is required by law to release it. Typically, the information that is gathered will be seen only by the coach or his secretarial staff. Information about you is not given to people outside of the coaching practice without your consent, unless doing so is specifically authorized or required by law.

    If it is indicated below that the coaching sessions will be be paid by an employer, the coach reserves the right to inform the employer about the current status of the coaching engagement, whether or not the client is attending the sessions and participating satisfactorily, and general information about the coach's impressions of the sessions and any recommendations given to the client. At no time, however, will any specific information provided by the client be shared.

    Please note that cases of suspected abuse or neglect of children or vulnerable adults must be reported to the local police or welfare department. In an emergency, information may be released to an appropriate party in accordance with acceptable professional practices. In most cases, you have the right to review information about you, request a copy of it, contest its accuracy or completeness and to attach a letter of disagreement.
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