[Members ONLY]

• The parent and/or legal guardian requesting their child(ren) to be dedicated must be a member of Word of Restoration international Church. (Guardianship documentation may be requested upon review of your request.

• Our Baby Blessings are for infants and/or toddlers up to 18 months old.

• Blessings are held on the second and fourth Sundays of each month during the 9:30 AM Worship Experience (unless otherwise noted).

• Blessings are scheduled on a first come/first-served basis. There is no guarantee that the month you have requested will be available. However, you will be scheduled for the next available ceremony.

• Due to an abundance of requests, and for the sake of order and timeliness, WORIC conducts group blessings. It is possible that up to THREE babies will be dedicated during a Sunday ceremony.

• ONLY the parent(s) and baby will be asked to come forward for the ceremony. Other family members and guests will be acknowledged from his or her seat.

• Private in-office baby blessing/dedication is available by request. Please note that a WORIC minister may be assigned to conduct the baby dedication.


1. Can I request for my Grandchild to be blessed/dedicated? Unfortunately, only if the parents/legal guardian are members of WORIC and complete the baby dedication request.

2. If I am a Grandparent that is a WORIC member and my Son or Daughter is not a member, can I assist with requesting a baby dedication? Unfortunately, the parent of the infant or toddler must be a WORIC member in order to submit the request.

3. If I am the Legal Guardian and I am the Grandparent, will I be able to request for my infant or toddler to be dedicated? Yes, as long as documentation to reflect proof of guardianship is provided.

4. My child is older than 18-months and has never been dedicated, can they be dedicated? Baby Blessings are for infants and toddlers up to 18 months old only.

5. Can the Godparents accompany the parent(s) of the baby being blessed at the front of the sanctuary? Unfortunately, only the infant or toddler along with siblings, parent(s), or legal guardians may go to the front of the sanctuary. The family will be acknowledged during the ceremony.

6. Will I be able to request reserved seating for my family? Yes, WORIC will do our best to accommodate you and your family with reserved seating. However, all seats must be filled by 9:00 am to avoid empty seats during the worship experience. Please note, that we do not allow saved seats, if someone is extremely late, they will have to sit in the next available seating.
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