FALL 2019 Adult Theater Registration
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    Everyone pays full price, however ALL families will be emailed a Sign Up Genius Link to sign up for a paid job IF THEY SO CHOOSE. The job selected can be for your production or any other production to allow for easier scheduling.

    Joining a production requires teamwork and commitment. Anyone missing from a dress rehearsal impacts the entire cast no matter how large or small the part. For this reason, dress rehearsals attendance IS MANDATORY and missing it will impact your consideration for larger roles in the future. Please mark your calendar and prioritize attendance.

    Additional expenses are minimal. 1) You may be asked contribute to some basic parts of costumes 2) If you would like to purchase more tickets then the complimentary ones that are provided there is a charge. Ticket fees help defray production costs.

    No Refunds. Once your child signs up for the show, he/she is signed up for the entire play from beginning to end. If a child is having second thoughts, we ask that you encourage your child to participate and finish the show. If a child drops out, there are NO REFUNDS OR CREDIT

    I grant "Kids ‘N Dance ‘N Theater Arts!" representatives & employees the right to photograph or digitally record rehearsals or the shows. Your name here indicates you authorize "Kids ‘N Dance ‘N Theater Arts!" to copyright, use & publish photographs, and digital recordings.
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