AWPCA "Best Operated Plant" Awards
  • Ground Water
  • I. Chemicals

  • II. Pumping Equipment

  • III. Water Quality Performance

  • Yes No
    Secondary Drinking Water Constituent Color Entering Distribution System Below MCL of 15 Color Units
    Secondary Drinking Water Constituent pH Entering Distribution System Between MCL of 6.5-8.5
    Secondary Drinking Water Constituent Iron Entering Distribution System Below MCL of 0.3 mg/L
    Secondary Drinking Water Constituent Manganese Entering Distribution System Below MCL of 0.05 mg/L
  • IV. Operation Records & Test Equipment

  • Yes No
    Produce Monthly Operating Reports for Previous Year
    Produce Consumer Confidence Report for Previous Year
    Has Unexpired Reagents on Hand
    Uses EPA Approved Test Methods
    Unaccounted for Water 15% or Less for Previous Year
    Has Preventative Maintenance Schedule for Pumps
    Has Pump Capacity Test Results
    Has Distribution Flushing Schedule
    Has Cross-Connection Policy
    Can Produce Previous Year Bacteriological Results & Previous Year Chemical Results (VOC, SOC, Lead & Copper, etc.)
    Has Current Sample Siteing Plan
    Well Levels Recorded @ Each Site
  • V. Appearance & General Condition

  • VI. Safety

  • Yes No
    Has Appropriate Danger Signs
    Has Appropriate Safety Equipment on Hand
  • VII. Operators & AWPCA Affiliation

  • Yes No
    Has a Certified Operator
    Has Attended AWPCA Short Course in the Last 3 Years
    Has AWPCA Members
  • VIII. Operators & Employees

  • IX. Bonus Point

  • Yes No
    Flouride Fed @ Facility & Maintained Between 0.5-0.9 mg/L