We Want To Meet Your Team!
This is your chance to introduce your team to the world - HAVE FUN with this - be creative.

This is open to all competition classes: SCOUT, NAVIGATOR, RANGER, and EXPLORER.

If you'd like to show off your Company Spec Sheet, your team's logo, a short video, or something else amazing - share it here. We'll be highlighting teams on the MATE ROV Competition website and on our social media pages.
  • (Just in case we need to get in touch for additional details!)
  • If you are an EXPLORER team that does not participate in a Super-Regional (ASEAN, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Turkey, or the United Arab Emirates) please select "World Championship"
  • A team that WAS, but isn't any more :(
  • YES we really would like to see you! Attach a .pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif... whatevs - if you're social distancing and didn't get a group shot - let us know below and we'll make arrangements for you to send us individual photos.
  • Nope, we're not kidding. We've seen your "All Business" photo in the previous field - now we want to see your personalities. Give us an image of your team at work, goofing off, WHATEVER.
  • Kindly upload these to Vimeo or YouTube - and keep it short, no longer than 30-60 seconds
  • Social Media - Optional

    This should be your TEAM'S social media information - please don't share your personal pages. This is completely optional, but think of all the followers you could add!