The German Pinscher Club Judging List Application
  • No need to complete Education or Stewarding Sections (except date RDSJ taken)
  • Date Taken/Passed
    Joined then Kennel Club Academy (if not joined yet, please indicate date intended)
    Kennel Club Requirements of a Dog Show Judge Seminar & Exam
    Kennel Club Points of the Dog Assessment & Exam
    Kennel Club Confirmation & Movement Seminar
    Completed the Kennel Club online Critique Writing Seminar & Exam
  • Name of Show Date of Show
  • Date Exam Passed
    Breed Appreciation Day For The German Pinscher Club
    Multiple Choice Exam for The German Pinscher Club
  • Name of Show Year Judged Number of Classes Scheduled Number of Dogs Entered Number of Dogs Present Hands On
  • Date of Show Name of Show Classes Scheduled
  • Any quieries please contact Jo Ellis BEC for German Pinscher Tel (07962) 719070