Tour 3: Exploring the Renewal in the North Loop
(See detailed description of the tour below)

47th Annual Conference of the Urban Affairs Association
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
April 19-22, 2017

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  • Tour 3: Exploring the Renewal in the North Loop

    Tour Date: Saturday, April 22, 2017
    Tour Time: 1pm – 3pm

    Tour Leader(s): Fernando Burga, Professor of Urban Planning, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

    % Time on Tour Van: 0
    % Time Walking: 100 (Approximately 2 hours of walking)

    Pre-departure Meeting Time: 12:45pm
    Pre-departure Meeting Location: Hotel lobby of the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Hotel

    Ticket price: $25 (USD)
    Tour Capacity: 25 participants

    This walking tour will offer participants the opportunity to explore one of the fastest changing neighborhoods in the Twin Cities metro region. Located north of downtown Minneapolis, in an area formerly known as the warehouse district, the North Loop is considered by many to be Minneapolis’ premier urban destination. Mixed-use housing, historic preservation policies and transit-oriented development come together in this location attracting millennials to live, work and play in the city. This tour will unveil the many faces of renewal in the North Loop by taking tour participants to key places, buildings and public infrastructures where its post-industrial transformation is vividly illustrated and may be critically addressed. We will visit locations that capture the North Loop’s picturesque past as an industrial job center, sites where mid-century urban renewal policies forever altered the city’s urban fabric, and examine locations where historic preservation policies set the stage for a contemporary process of neighborhood change based on urban re-branding, re-development efforts and public infrastructure investments.

    Specific stops will include:

    Target Field Green Line Station (Beginning)
    Washington Avenue Corridor
    North Loop Playground
    Federal Reserve Banks MW
    Minneapolis Public Library
    Warehouse Hennepin Avenue Station Green Line (End)

    Tour Tips/Suggestions: Bring comfortable clothing, walking shoes, scarfs, and gloves as necessary. It may still be cold in Minneapolis.
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