Oct. 25 NRHRC Gun Dog Test at Colliers Mills
Instructions: You may register up to three dogs on this form. For more than three dogs you must submit another form.

General Information:

Fee: $35 for each dog.

Birds used at the event are the property of the NRHRC.
Extra birds to take home can be ordered at $20.00/bird and will be dispatched but not necessarily shot flyers.

No bitches in season allowed.

Birds cannot be ordered for you unless we receive your registration form and payment.

Lower stakes handlers are expected to work the upper stakes and upper stake handlers are expected to work the lower stakes. All handlers are expected to help with set up and take down. Live flyers will be used if conditions warrant.

No cross entries allowed.

By check: Please make checks payable to NRHRC and mail to Tom De Luca, 19 Winant Rd., Kendall Park NJ 08824.

Registrations are due no later than 9 pm, Oct. 15.

Refunds only for bitches in season or injury. Handler must include a veterinarian's statement.

Club COVID policy will be in effect.

QUESTIONS? Please send an email to lsperco@verizon.net
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