OMFIT users agreement
By hitting the SUBMIT button, the requestor explicitly agrees to the OMFIT terms and conditions as stated in this form.

All code sources are copyrighted by the main author Orso Meneghini and collaborators. The authors will continue to release development versions of the OMFIT suite, and respond to requests for assistance, bug-fixes and documentation as time permits.

In turn for access to the OMFIT code, the recipient agrees:
* not to distribute the original or any modified versions of the source code to any third parties at any time,
* to inform the first author of each code module of planned research using that module,
* prior to publication, to communicate any significant results derived from OMFIT to the main authors, and if requested provide the opportunity for a courtesy review of the publication,
* to include in any published results the proper code name(s) and appropriate reference [1],
* in published work, to include results from official sources only; results from modified sources should only published with explicit consent from the main author.

Also, the user must understand that OMFIT is an evolving code and that as new versions are released, that results obtained from the code may vary from results obtained using previous versions.

[1] For OMFIT: Orso MENEGHINI and Lang LAO, Plasma Fusion Res. 8, 2403009 (2013).
  • Email from your institution. Not your personal,,, ... email.
  • Your username at GA, if you have an account.
    You can then run the GA public install of OMFIT.
  • Your username at NERSC, if you have an account.
    You can then run the NERSC public install of OMFIT.
  • This is required if you would like to have access to the OMFIT source code.
    To get an account go to
  • Tell us few words, so we can help you get started!

    For example:
    * what is the intended physics application?
    * what modules do you plan on using?
    * what codes do you intend integrating?
    * on data from what devices?
    * do you need access to the OMFIT source code?
  • You can join the SLACK channel by visiting

    Also, we have a OMFIT User Group meeting each Monday at 11 AM in PST in 13-301 at GA or remotely on ZOOM at
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