Application to Use the Walden Participant Pool
In order to post a study on the Walden Participant Pool a researcher needs to have approval from both the Walden IRB and the Institutional Approver. The purpose of this form is for researchers to identify at an early stage of research whether the proposed study is eligible for placement on the Walden Participant Pool website.

This form only needs to be completed if you are seeking pre-approval to use the Walden Participant Pool prior to review by the Walden IRB. If you are currently submitting materials to the IRB it is not necessary to submit this form, though you would need to ensure you describe using the Walden Participant Pool in your IRB materials.

Please note the following stipulations and conditions:

• While the Walden University participant pool has been established to assist students in their research, it should only be used if it is appropriate to the study. It should not merely be used because it is convenient but should be appropriate for the research question(s), instrument, and methodology.

• The Institutional Approver reviews each study to determine whether it is appropriate to be posted on the Participant Pool. After this form is submitted, the Institutional Approver may ask for more information, ask for materials to be resubmitted with changes, or not approve the study for inclusion in the participant pool.

• Approval from the Institutional Approver does NOT constitute IRB approval. It is merely letting the researcher know that the proposed research study may be placed on the participant pool website upon receiving all other necessary approvals.

• If you receive pre-approval to use the participant pool website, please note this in your IRB materials and include a copy of the notification that your study is eligible for placement on the participant pool website with your IRB materials.

• For students in a doctoral level program, this form may be submitted prior to proposal approval. However, any documents submitted will still be subject to review by the University Research Reviewer (URR) and the IRB.

• If changes are made to the study, methodology, and/or instrument(s), the IRB will coordinate with the Institutional Approver to ensure these changes are still acceptable for placement in the participant pool.
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