2020-2021 4-H Academic Eligibility Form
Verification of Eligibility and/or Request for Absence Form
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  • Eligibility of 4-H Members:

    • Continuing on September 1, 2020, all 4-H youth, including youth in public, private, and/or home school, (whether physically in the classroom or receiving virtual instruction) must adhere to the guidelines regarding extracurricular activities and academic eligibility.

    • Consistent with the UIL rules, the Texas 4-H Youth Development Program has adopted a three (3) school week waiting period upon change in status of school enrollment (i.e. from public to home, public to private, public to public, private to public, private to home, private to private, home to public, or home to private) before the 4-H member is eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

    • All 4-H members must be officially enrolled (in an “active” status on 4HOnline) to be considered an official 4-H member. No excused absences can be requested for any youth who is not enrolled in the official 4-H enrollment system (4HOnline).

    A complete list of rules can be found in the Texas 4-H Rules & Guidelines:
  • Parent/Guardian Signature:

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    This information is requested in accordance with the requirements of Senate Bill 1 and in cooperation with the Texas Education Agency and local public school board policies. This form serves as the official notification of the 4-H member's intent to participate in one or more extra-currcular activities representing 4-H.