2023-2024 Troop Banking Form
Girl Scouts of Orange County
Tax ID Number 95-2023244
  • Please Note, all troops must submit a new Troop Banking Form, formally known as the Troop ACH Authorization Form. This form is due annually after August 1st even if you have not changed accounts or signers and even if your troop filed one last year as stated on page 2 of the Troop Financial Guidelines.

    Troop Financial Guidelines Link: https://www.girlscoutsoc.org/content/dam/girlscoutsoc-redesign/documents/VolunteerResources/Troop%20Financial%20Guidelines.pdf
  • In addition, troops must submit a new Troop Banking Form each time a change is made to the troop account or any signers. Submitting a Troop Banking Form with current and correct information is required to participate in the Fall and Cookie Programs.

  • Disclaimer:
    We authorize Girl Scouts of Orange County to electronically debit our account at the depository financial institution named below and, if necessary, electronically credit our account to correct erroneous debits. We agree that ACH transactions we authorize comply with all applicable law.

    **As you follow the prompts below you will see that you can attach an image of a voided check from your Troop's bank account OR documentation from the bank that includes the troop number, account number and routing number. Please do not submit a Bank Statement, Bank Statements do not contain your bank account number.**
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  • Troop Bank Account Information:

  • The routing and account numbers on the check must be legible. This can be a picture of the check or a scanned copy. Your bank can provide you with a check for this purpose. Ensure Troop number has been written on check if not imprinted.
  • Funds owed to GSOC will be debited from the troop account. This includes any council proceeds due from participation in GSOC Product Sales programs. ACH debits may occur to verify bank information, accommodate payment plans, collections and ACH returns. The troop will incur fees for all NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) fees incurred by rejected transactions.

    The troop understands that this authorization will remain in effect until the troop notifies GSOC, by submitting a new Troop Banking Form online.

    GSOC receives at least fifteen (15) days prior to the proposed effective termination date.

    All accounts must have 2 or more signers and signers must be registered as an adult member in the current year and have passed background screening. Signers may not be related by blood or marriage or living in the same household.

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