Application Form - New Clients
I appreciate your willingness to share some details with me so that I can better assist you. Please note that I adhere strictly to client confidentiality and anything you tell me will remain private. - Strict Jane
  • Strict Jane prefers a real first name for correspondence purposes
  • Strict Jane will never phone you outside of appointed call times or sessions.
  • In other words, have you been spanked as an adult? How familiar are you with adult spanking?
  • Please note for the next question: It is advisable to make a copy of your responses in the following box in case the page reloads (which means you'll lose everything you just typed).
  • You may include:

    1. Overview of where you're at in life
    2. The issues you are facing - what do you want to improve/change?
    3. Any emotional turmoil at present?
    4. What you are seeking from Strict Jane
    5. Your ideal discipline session
    6. Other details about you that Strict Jane should know before she contacts you
  • Think about your earliest awareness and what you did about it.
    Where do you stand today with your need for discipline?
  • Multiple answers are okay here.
  • Offer is valid for those who have not yet worked with Strict Jane.
    This Application Form must be completed in detail in order to qualify for the call.
  • Strict Jane provides a coaching service. Her main provision is Discipline Coaching, which is a combination of Life Coaching and Physical Discipline within a legitimate structure that follows legal guidelines. Discipline is not a necessary inclusion for those who seek regular life/health coaching.

    As a client, you will be afforded privacy, discretion and respect. Strict Jane does not tolerate requests for sexual services. Strict Jane is a Discipline Coach (and NOT a Mistress in the BDSM sense). You agree to work with her as a Coach first and foremost.

  • Strict Jane will NEVER share your email address or any other information with ANYONE unless it is with your explicit permission.

    You will always have the option of easily unsubscribing from Strict Jane's emails.
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