MCSL Home Team Capacity Verification
Please report by May 15.

Use this form to report your pool capacity as described in the MCSL Home Team Capacity Verification Workbook. You can also upload a map of your pool layout, if desired.

Math is hard.

36 square feet per person is 6 square feet, or a 6 foot by 6 foot box (6x6).

A 24x24 foot box (the length of a typical tape measure) is 576 square feet (room for 16 swimmers).

So, 4 such boxes plus another that is 12x12 is perfect for 1 Athlete Seating Area that can hold 68 swimmers.
  • Break the space you are considering for an Athlete Seating Area into manageable sections for measurement, perhaps with cones and a tape measure.

    For instance, if you can measure out seven 24 x24 foot squares, then you have 4,032 square feet available for Athlete Seating Areas, and you can host 112 swimmers, or 56 per team.