2021 Outstanding Seller Form
Scouts in the New Birth of Freedom Council, BSA selling $500 or more through a combination of Show and Sell Sales, Take Order Sales, Scout Deliver, and Online Sales by October 20, 2021 are eligible to receive a prize or prizes depending on their level of sales. Scouts selling $500 or more will receive a $20 gift card to the Mechanicsburg or York Scout Shops. Scouts selling $1,000 or more will receive two tickets to a Sporting Event. Scouts selling $1,500 or more will receive their choice of two passes to HersheyPark or a $50 Amazon gift card. Congratulatory letters and prizes will be sent directly to each qualifying Scout. The Unit Popcorn & Nuts Kernel or unit representative must enter and submit the qualifying Scout's information from their unit below. The deadline to submit this prize form is October 20, 2021.
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  • You can enter up to 15 Scouts. If you need to enter additional Scouts, please complete a second form.