Hooked on Scouting 2019 Unit Commitment Form
By completing and submitting this form we agree to participate in the Fall Roundup program and will hold a Join Scouting night before September 30th. We understand that Scouts will receive an invite to the fishing event and receive a fishing pole ONLY if their application and registration fees are submitted prior to September 30th. Any Scouts recruited after September 30th are not guaranteed to receive a fishing pole. Commitments returned by August 23rd will be guaranteed fishing poles delivered at the night of their Join Scouting night otherwise poles can be picked up at the Council Service Centers when applications are turned in.
  • Captain Contact Information

    Please list below who will be the main unit contact or "Captain" for Fall Roundup!
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  • Please indicate what information we may print on fliers, advertising, or web communications.
  • Fall Roundup Information

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  • Other Contacts

    Please include anyone else from the unit that should be included on information for the Hooked on Scouting Campaign.