2022 MATE Internship Application Form

PLEASE SAVE YOUR WORK REGULARLY. You can start and save this application to resume it later. When you click on the 'Save and Resume Later' button, a new window will open with a https link on the screen. Be sure to copy and save that link in a separate document! Also, do not work on this application from a mobile phone. It is not compatible with phones and should be completed from a computer. If you have any questions or problems with completing this form, please contact the MATE Internship Coordinator, Maria Osiadacz at: mosiadacz@mpc.edu

In order to complete this application, be sure you have all of the following information:

- Your current GPA
- Dates that you are available from/to
- Detailed contact information for three professional or academic references
- Supporting documents in a .doc, .docx, or .pdf, or .jpg document (PDF is best), including: a cover letter, resume, unofficial transcript(s), and at least one professional letter of reference.
- Information to describe the skills you have in the following areas: time management, working on teams, computer sciences (software, hardware, programming, networking), natural sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Oceanography), lab and fieldwork (safety and sampling), skills (GIS, electronics, construction, industrial), certifications (Diving, Ham, Pilot, HAZWOPER), maritime (safety, seamanship, time at sea), and other hobbies.

PLEASE NOTE: it is NOT required that you have experience in all these areas! The MATE Center takes your skills and tries to best match them to available internships.

This application form has four pages.
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  • Optional information:

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