2019 BC JD Championships Track Meet Entries
The BC JD Championships take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday July 19th, 20th and 21st in South Surrey. The meet schedule can be found here: https://files.trackie.com/uploads/event/2019-06-30-12-06-52-2018099913-399502.pdf?rand=832735584

This is the BC Championships, so choose those events you do best in. You can choose other events, but make sure you choose less events than more as you want to save your energy to do well in your best events. We want to be able to field as many relay teams as possible, so please sign up for a relay.

Please make sure that events do not overlap as you want to do your best. Please make sure you enter the day and time for each event.

You can enter your best performances also so that you will be seeded in faster races. If you do not know them I will update your entries.
The first 3 of your individual events are paid for by the club as are the relays.

If you intend to enter more than 3 individual events please enter the additional events through the trackie web site: https://www.trackie.com/online-registration/event/2019-bc-athletics-jd-track-field-championships/31743/#.XRqJs3dFxqw
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