2018 Federal Advocacy Committee Application

  • Part I - Personal Information

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    Answer if in an elected office.

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    Daytime phone number

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    If your preferred daytime phone number is not your cell phone.

  • Primary means of communicating with NLC.

  • If you wish to use a personal or other email to receive communications from NLC. (e.g., your administrative assistant)

  • Please enter more than one, if your district crosses congressional lines.

  • Part II - Social Profile

    The following information is optional but helpful for engagement with NLC.
  • Part III - Demographics

    The following information is optional and is requested to help ensure diversity in the NLC governance structure.
  • If other, please describe in the field below
  • If other, please describe in the field below
  • Part IV - Biographical Sketch

  • Provide a brief statement highlighting your experience and valuable skills and knowledge related to the position you are seeking.

    OR Attach a file below providing the information.
  • FOR FEDERAL ADVOCACY COMMITTEE LEADERSHIP APPOINTMENTS ONLY. If you do not wish to be considered for a chair or vice chair appointment, please proceed to the federal advocacy membership section below.

    Applicants not appointed to a leadership role, will be considered for a general membership appointment.
  • We ask that all leadership applicants provide a photo image with their application.
    (File size is limited to 750 KB)

    Select the federal advocacy committee to which you are seeking a membership appointment.

    We strongly encourage all federal advocacy committee applicants to obtain an endorsement from their state municipal league.
  • The endorsement is not required but strongly recommended.
  • Please use this section for notes to be included with your application.