MNWT Fast Start: Membership Vice President
The following Fast Start is designed to help you begin your year well-rounded, and on the right track. This will, in turn, help your chapter or district run smoothly. All verification must be sent to your local president, district director, and state membership vice president (MVP) by July 15. Special recognition may be give to those who complete the program; awards will be presented at Fall State.

ALL VERIFICATION IS TO BE SENT BY JULY 15. Copies of all information that verifies completion must be emailed separately. All items must be DATED.

Responses to the online form will be viewed by state membership vice president. BE SURE TO FORWARD YOUR SUBMISSION TO THE LOCAL PRESIDENT, AS WELL. Fill in as much information as you know. Upon completion of the form, click Submit; you will receive a confirmation screen if your form has been successfully submitted. (rev 2018)
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    Enter the date that you completed your chapter or district growth plan; this worksheet can be found on the website
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    Enter the date that you planned a Membership Event (M-Event) for your chapter members
  • Enter the details of the planned Membership Event (M-Event)
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    Enter the date that you planned a Social Event for your chapter or district members
  • Enter the details of the planned Social Event
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    Enter the date when you submitted the first trimester Early Bird Deadline; due postmarked by July 15 to the Chapter Service Center (CSC)
  • Enter your prospective list or outline a plan on how you will build one
  • Describe your plan for using the prospective list (i.e., phone calls each week, special invites to M-Events, personal invitation to chapter meetings, etc.)
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    Enter the date that you planned a membership training during the year
  • Enter the details of the planned membership training
  • Enter an idea for training or M-Event that you would like to see on the website