New Student Club or Organization Application
Thank you for contributing to creating a dynamic campus environment and enhancing the student's experience at the Motlow State Community College.

Before filling this Application, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the process: Student Organization Handbook

Contact Kirsten Moss-Frye, Dean of Students with any questions: or 931-393-1691.

The organization hereby agrees to serve its intended purpose and to comply with all rules and regulations, policies and procedures of Motlow State Community College and the Tennessee Board of Regents and with all federal and state laws and regulations.
  • The hand book is located in the student section of
  • Club or organization info

  • Affiliations

  • Contact Info

  • Must be a Motlow State full-time faculty or staff member
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  • Social Media

    On social media, please complete the profile section and mention that you are an official club or organization.
  • Meeting Info

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  • Community relations

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  • The proposed constitution and bylaws of the organization must clearly contain the
    following: the name, purpose, proposed activities, and rules of membership of the
    organization, the officers, their terms and methods of selection, the proposed nature and
    frequency of meetings and activities, and the financial plans of the organization, including
    any proposed fees, dues and assessments. Contact the SARC at 931-393-1838 for a constitution template.