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I understand if I own a dog now OR in the past 5 years, I need to Call my Veterinarian NOW & give permission to release records to K9LLR & Confirm ALL my dog's records are Complete & Accurate. If they are not, please apply AFTER they are. *
What is the name of the person you spoke to at your DVM's office, the date & apx. time you called to give permission to release records? If you have NOT owned a dog in the past 5 years write N/A *
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I understand if my current dog/s Heartworm Testing & HW Preventative are NOT up to date & purchased in the USA. I will be automatically DECLINED & NOT be considered to adopt UNTIL AFTER they are UTD. Please STOP HERE & apply AFTER Vetting is done. *
Does your spouse/significant other/co-adopter know you are applying for this particular dog? *
Please list the first & last names of EVERYONE that lives in this household & their AGES, INCLUDING YOURSELF. *
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How many HOURS PER DAY on Average, will this dog be home alone?
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Do you have a COMPLETELY, PHYSICAL fenced in yard on your property? *
If you do NOT have a fenced yard how will you Exercise the dog/puppy & how often? Please be detailed. *
List all current dogs including breed, name, age and sex that live in your home. *
If you have a dog/s have they been around puppies? *
If you have a dog/s have they been around other dogs? *
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Do you know what heartworm is? *
Do you believe dogs should be given heartworm preventative? *
What brand of heartworm preventive do you use? *
If you do not know, call your Vet & ask BEFORE you submit an application. If your dog is not up to date you can apply AFTER it is taken care of. (If your Veterinarian cannot confirm HW or you do not use HW preventative we cannot approve your application)
Can your Veterinarian confirm she has provided you with Heartworm Preventative or written a prescription? *
Please list the Name, Phone Number and City & State of the veterinarian/s who have the most current records on your past or present dogs. *
I understand if my current dog/s Heartworm Testing & HW Pills or Rabies Vaccine are not up to date I will Not be considered to adopt until they are UTD. Please apply AFTER Vetting is done. *
If you do Not have a dog now, please list previous dogs you have owned in the last 5 years and what happened to them. *
What type of fun activities do you plan to do with your new dog or puppy?
(going potty is not an activity) Please be Detailed.
What breed mix of dog are you looking for? (list All) *
Why do you like the breeds above? (Be DETAILED) *
At Full Grown, what size dog are you looking for? *
What activity level of a dog are you expecting/wanting? *
If you owned a dog before, what Brand/s of dog food did you use? *
Were you happy with the quality of that food brand? *
When house trained, where will the dog sleep at Night? *
In an average week, how many hours will the dog spend outside while no one is home? *
Do you read dog food & treat labels? *
Do you know? Hills Science Diet, Iams, Purina, Beneful, Pedigree & many more are very LOW QUALITY FOODS that contain Harmful ingredients? *
Would you be interested in knowing more about which dog foods ARE QUALITY & HEALTHY? (a quality food starts out around $2.25 a pound) *
What is the name of the nearest Pet Store by you *
Obedience training is a great way to bond with a new adult dog & helps a puppy socialize.

Would you be interested in training classes with your new dog?
Do you have current experience with puppy/dog obedience & behavior training within the last 5 years? *
If YES or SOME, please explain your OBEDIENCE training methods & experience In Detail. *
If you had training/behavior problems with this dog would you reach out to a dog trainer or behaviorist? *
Keeping in mind, K9LLR does NOT Adopt out any dogs that bite or are aggressive. ALL of our dogs & puppies are friendly with nice temperaments when they leave their foster home, therefore biting or aggression would NOT be a reason to return a dog. Are there ANY reasons that would have you return a dog after adoption? If yes, what reason/s? *
How did you hear about K9 Lifeline Rescue? *
If OTHER, how OR who can we thank? *
If you are adopting a PUPPY, a $45.00 refundable deposit is required, in addition to the adoption amount listed for the puppy. This is refunded after the dog is Spay or Neutered. *
Have you applied with any other Rescue or Shelter in the past 3 months? *
If YES, please list the Rescue/Shelter's Name, City & State *
I understand it takes up to 24 hours to process an application IF ALL the above information is filled in. (If answers are missing on your application it will be delayed & you loose your place in line)
PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK Everything is Complete & Detailed Before submitting. Thank you.
K9LLR's MAIN GOAL is to place our dogs with the Best possible match for the DOG'S well being.

Please add anything more you would like us to know so we can best match you with one of our dogs.
I understand that K9LLR CANNOT HOLD dogs. If the dog is on the Website she is ready to be adopted NOW. Are you able to Meet & Adopt, if approved, within 48 hours of this submission? *
I (type your name in box on right) have read ALL of the above information & answered each question Completely & Truthfully to the best of my ability. I HAVE double checked ALL my answers, my application is complete. I understand if answers are missing OR not completely/correctly answered- I will loose my place in line. *