PVS Officials Background Check Reimbursement
Use this form to request reimbursement for the cost of USA Swimming Background Check.
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  • Instructions:

    The first time cost of screening for most officials will be $38.00. Most renewals will cost $18.00. In some cases however, if you have lived in a foreign country or in some counties of New York State, the cost of screening may be higher. The PVS Board of Directors has authorized reimbursement of the standard $38.00 or $18.00 charge to all officials who meet the eligibility requirements set forth below. Amounts charged in excess of the standard fees will be separately reviewed by the PVS Board of Directors for possible additional reimbursement once the volume and aggregate costs of such requests is better known. No receipt is required for officials who are charged the standard $38.00 or $18.00. Amounts in excess of these amounts require documentation in order to be considered for a possible reimbursement in excess of the standard charges. A copy of the charges to your credit card printed from your on-line credit card transaction history is sufficient.
  • Eligibility:

    The requirement is to work at least 6 sessions at PVS sanctioned meets to be reimbursed: All certified officials and apprentice officials who work at least 6 sessions at PVS sanctioned meets (as recorded in OTS) in the 12 month period beginning 6 months prior to the date of background screening and extending to 6 months after the date of screening are eligible for reimbursement. Apprentice officials may count their apprentice sessions as part of the 6 required sessions. Please do not request reimbursement before working the required 6 sessions. Any individual who is certified as both a coach and an official will be deemed a coach and is not eligible for reimbursement.

    Deadline for requesting reimbursement: The deadline for requesting reimbursement is 6 months from the date you pass either the initial or renewal screening as reflected in the USA Swimming SWIMS database.
  • Verification:

    Your eligibility for reimbursement will be verified by your activity recorded in the USA Swimming Official’s Tracking System (OTS). You will be reimbursed only if you appear in the OTS as having worked the required 6 sessions at PVS sanctioned meets within the timeframe identified above. It is important that when you work a session at a PVS meet, you sign-in on the official’s sign-in sheet. These sheets are the only basis used for entering sessions worked into the OTS. In any cases where there is a dispute regarding eligibility for reimbursement, the PVS Officials Committee will make the final decision.
  • Send questions to OfficialsChair@pvswim.org