BoE Candidate Questionnaire
Please take a moment to fill out this candidate questionnaire so that we may get to know you prior to your Candidate Interview.

All questions are required. Please answer them as honestly and completely as possible.

Thank you.
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    Personnel is the most valuable resource our schools have. Rewarding good work and keeping qualified teachers in the classroom teaching must continue to be a top priority if MUSD schools are to be successful.
  • One of the most significant concerns that our teachers have is about MUSD’s classroom technology. The hardware and software is outdated. Wi-Fi access is poor across the district’s campuses and facilities. New curricula are dependent on information technology (IT), but we don’t have the IT or administrative expertise in place.
  • With the passage of Proposition 58, school districts are now allowed to create dual-language immersion programs for both native and non-native English speakers. MUSD has a significant population of students who come from families that do not speak English as a first language. MTA believes that dual-language immersion programs offer a significant opportunity for all students to get ahead.
  • Every year MUSD spends millions of dollars on consultants for a variety of services, including teacher trainings. MTA members do not believe they are benefiting from these consultants with any useful new knowledge. There are qualified MUSD teachers who know these areas and are more familiar with the curricula and students served in the district. MTA would like to work with the school district to narrow consultant services down to those that are truly useful, saving the district significant money by delegating these trainings to those MUSD teachers credentialed in the relevant field.
  • With Donald Trump in the White House, and Betsy DeVos leading the U.S. Department of Education, MTA wants to ensure that our elected leaders will continue to uphold the rights of union workers, including public school teachers. These include collective bargaining rights, the right to organize, the right to strike, and the right to actively participate in the political process.
  • Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) give fair economic opportunities to the workers who build our schools. MTA believes it is important for MUSD to provide jobs that pay a living wage when building and renovating our facilities.

    As School Board Member, I pledge to:

    1. Always act ethically and follow the law.

    2. Hire only qualified individuals – through the appropriate process and channels – for school district positions, and to let them do their jobs without interference.

    3. Work with MTA to address the issues facing the Montebello Unified School District, through the point when a solution is reached on an issue.

    4. To negotiate, in good faith, collective bargaining agreements with MTA and to abide by the terms of those agreements.

    5. Remember that the job of a School Board Member is about our students, not one’s political future.