May 17, 2021 Clinic at Volley Hawaii.
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    Please input a mobile number that we can text you because sometimes we cannot reach players through email.
  • IMPORTANT: All communication from the Clinic will go to this email address and NOT to your parent's email address. Please make sure that you check YOUR email address for updates from us.
  • Please pick the correct session for your class year.
  • Both Sessions are on Monday, May 17, 2021 and Head Coach Kip Yoshimura and Assistant Coach Savannah Cox will be running the Clinics.
  • Block Jump
    Approach Jump
    Please input these numbers if you have them. Example: Approach Jump: 9'10". These numbers are not required.
  • List or explain your high school volleyball experience and/or highlights.
  • Coaches may contact your club coach is they are interested in you.
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  • Please indicate whether you (1) have already applied for admission to Pacific University, (2) have been accepted, (3) will be applying, (4) have not applied, (5) are too young to apply, or (5) are simply undecided.
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    All Players must read and sign below to participate in the Showcase.
  • All Players must sign here regardless of age.
  • If Player is under 18, a parent or guardian MUST also sign here.