THANK YOU! Fetching Hope Rescue represents an all volunteer canine rescue group whose mission is to save the lives of neglected, abused and/or stray dogs by finding them safe, loving, and permanent homes in New England. In order to comply with the animal importation laws of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, we sometimes need a foster home to keep a dog for a preset holding period before the adopter can pick up. In Maine, the hold is 2 days for adult dogs and 5 days for puppies. Fosters may also be asked to take a dog for an indefinite time period until an adopter is found. This application is designed to help us decide which foster dog is a good fit for you. We will check vet or personal references provided and then have a volunteer contact you for a home visit.


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  • By signing below, you certify that you understand the following:

    By submitting this application, you understand this is the first step of the foster process. Fetching Hope Rescue reserves the right to refuse foster and adoption to anyone. You certify the information contained within this application is accurate and not misleading in any way. Our organization reserves the right to contact individuals listed on this form for verification.

    Fetching Hope Rescue does provide heartworm preventative for foster dogs, and vet care as needed and pre-authorized, but we are unable to pay for food and flea/tick treatment. If you are interested in adopting your foster dog, you must first check with the dog's adoption coordinator to see if an adoption application is already in place. We do not use fosters as a trial to adopt, but are also aware of the bond between foster homes and dogs.

    By signing this application, you understand that we make every effort to ensure every animal is healthy and all records will be passed forward to the foster. Due to the fact that most of our adoptable animals are rescued as strays, we cannot guarantee their breed. We list the pets breed/s as the one/s that best matches their appearance and personality.

    Every dog arrives microchipped, with medical records, along with the interstate health certificate, to accompany the animal on transport and to be up to date on shots, which include DA2PPv Canine Distemper, Bordetella (kennel cough vaccine,) Rabies (if over 3 months,) Heartworm negative testing, as well as they must be negative fecal for worms, coccidia and giardia and be given Flea/tick preventative before boarding the PETS truck.

    By submitting this application, you agree that if the foster placement takes place and you are unable to keep your foster dog for any reason, the dog will be returned to our organization, Fetching Hope Rescue, and will not be returned to a shelter or re-homed privately. We will move the dog as quickly as possible, and within a two week period. You agree to keep the dog until an alternative placement can be arranged, by signing below. All contact information for Fetching Hope Rescue will be provided in official approval letter. This is a legally binding contract.