Housing Cancellation Form
Housing Contracts are binding for the entire academic year. Students wishing to request a cancellation of a housing contract and move off-campus are required to fill out a Housing Cancellation Request Form found under the Ranger Front Porch at www.regis.edu/housing and submit the form no less than two weeks before their expected move-out date.

Examples of Authorized Cancellations include graduation from the University, transferring to another school, total withdrawal/leave of absence from the University, studying abroad, financial duress, marriage, or approved medical necessity. Unauthorized cancellations will not be released from the housing contract and will be held to the housing charge for the entire semester. An Authorized Cancellation of a housing contract is permitted in the sole discretion of Student Housing and Residential
Engagement. Students who receive an Authorized Cancellation will be charged and credited housing costs according to the following schedule. Note that application fees and deposits will not be refunded.

First and second-year students that are looking to exempt from housing **before** signing a housing contract should submit a housing exemption as a part of their Residence Hall Application on Ranger Front Porch.

  • First and second year students in Desmet and West Hall should submit the Housing Exemption Form. This form is only for juniors and seniors looking to cancel their contract.