This website, is dedicated to those who did not win their fight. And for those who are still fighting.
  • We are not a dispensary.
    We are a website.

    2006, After being diagnosed with "Terminal" cancer, with the cooperation of 3, Humboldt county growers, and in consideration of the escalating dangers and exorbitant costs, of medicinal quality cannabis.
    A cooperation was created, to promote the widespread cultivation and availability of quality cannabis.

    By 2008, we had experienced growers and providers for patients in Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington state.

    Then, after the creation of our website in 2012, we experienced explosive growth. Expanding into 20 states, by 2014.
    So much, so fast, that we reorganized the structure of the system to become a Compassion Club, Helping connect Physicians with Patients, helping connect Employers with Employees, facilitating free medicinal products to qualified, seriously ill patients and much more.

    The Results:
    1. Increased safety to patients and providers.
    2. Lower cost to patients.
    3. Fair market value to producers.
    4. Private patients instead of capitalizing cartel organizations.
    5. Patients with serious afflictions, recieve needed medicine, free of cost.

    We provide a service, that provides the highest measure of safety to providers and the highest quality to patients, at true wholesale costs.

    Today we have experienced growers, producers, providers and patients in 42 states and D.C.
    Through partnerships, our attempt is to maintain consistent quality and low patient cost.

    We achieved our growth through word of mouth and our website.
    With the restrictions on Promotion or Advertising, we relied solely on word of mouth.
    As of 2022, we have connected over 1,000,000+ Patients and Providers.