TSA Documentation
Cruisy Susie/Owner-Agent
Office (208) 968-9007

In an effort to ensure proper Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) documentation requirements are met and security issues are avoided, every Passenger must complete the following form for identification and verification processing. It is the PASSENGERS responsibility to complete the following form fully and accurately. Please double check all entries.

Worldwide Health Advisories can be found at www.CDC.gov; Passport requirements and Visa compliance may be found at www.Travel.State.Gov

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  • Do you have DUAL CITIZENSHIP with any other country? If YES- It is your responsibility to ensure that you are cleared for travel to and from your intended destination country. Please check with the Consulate of your Non-US country of citizenship.
  • REQUIRED for international air trip, No Exceptions. Upload multiple photos to submit for ALL travelers on reservation.
  • If not valid for at least six months beyond scheduled date of travel, you may be required to renew prior to departure, depending on country of visitation. We will discuss issues.
  • With better technology, foreign governments are checking passenger manifests with more scrutiny and even denying valid Passports. To get a US Passport, you only need to prove you are a US Citizen with no *outstanding* warrants or certain types of convictions, including drug convictions, owed child support, DUI's, domestic violence, predatory behavior or ANY felony arrest history. HOWEVER>>> Many Foreign Governments will DENY ENTRY for these past federal, state or local criminal or offensive actions. It is every traveling passenger’s full responsibility to check and verify any and all passport, visa, vaccination or other entry requirements for their intended destination. If any of these issues apply, avoid entry detention, call for private discussion. More information can be found at www.travel.state.gov.
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