Thank you for volunteering for Tri County Science Technology Fair, This is a "general" volunteer form, help with concession, setting up event, monitoring exhibits, photographer, videographer, tearing down the event etc. We are also seeking help with press releases, posters and centerpieces. Volunteers working more than 4 hours get breakfast and/or lunch depending on when the shift falls.
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  • please note consider the time you select a "done deal" and plan to show up to White Plains HS at your designated time.

    Sometimes we don't have the manpower to reconfirm. You will get a confirmation email after you hit submit.This lets you know that that we have your information! Thanks in advance

    Please note if you work for Kohls let us know as your store can net us $500 if you have 5 or more volunteers helping us out. This has been a HUGE help to us. Also, some jobs make donations when employees volunteer, please check that out as we are a 501 (c) 3 organization. Please email if you are a Kohls employee or you have paperwork for us to fill out to gain a donation based on your time/ volunteering.
  • Please note you can check a job from 8-11 and another from 10:30-1:30, this is not considered a conflict. Checking two jobs at the exact same time of day would be a conflict. Thank you.
  • anything special we should know? Like you can do a job longer than the designated hours, or things you cannot do?
  • $ .
    Donations received before April 8, 2020 will be recognized in the brochure. Any size is welcome!Donations of $1,000 or more go on front cover of the brochure. Donations post April 8 are recognized in next year's brochure.

    Any amount is welcome, everything adds up. We need every penny! Thanks for your financial support.
  • Please enter what you would like to see Mr & Mrs James Smith or Edna & Sam Birch, The Miller Family, The XYZ Corporation ( and contact website or phone for donations of $250 or more