TGIM Estimate Request
Please provide as much information as possible for the most accurate quote. We will NEVER share your personal information with anyone.
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    Please provide the best phone number to reach you.
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  • GROUND LEVEL - No steps or stairs to the house.

    ELEVATOR - Please let us know if there are any long walks involved to get from your apt to the elevator or from the elevator to where we would park the truck.

    STAIRS - Please let us know approximately how many steps are involved or how many flights of stairs (a flight is defined as 8-12 steps). A long Victorian flight of 60 steps should be considered 5 flights of stairs.

    TIGHT TURNS - Let us know if there are any tight turns on the stairs.
  • Please let us know if you will be moving to or from a tight street, steep hill, major thoroughfare (such as Oak or Fell St), on a cable/ street car line (such as Hyde or Judah St), in a busy shopping or restaurant district (such as 20th and Irving or Clement and 6th) or if there is any other reason why we may face difficulties parking a large truck.
  • If packing yourself please visit the PACKING TIPS section of our website for sound advice.
  • By default, we will do any preparation necessary to your large items to move them safely, but do let us know if there is anything that may require some extra time to prepare, such as china hutches or grandfather clocks.
  • Let us know if you think there is anything that may add time onto your move.
    --Did any of your furniture need to be hoisted into your apartment?
    --Do you have anything that may take some extra time to disassemble such as a platform bed, multi piece entertainment centers, antique armoires, etc.
    --Do you have any oversize furniture that may be tricky to get into your new place (such as couches over 7 feet long or extra tall clothes storage cabinets.)
    --Do you have anything that weighs over 300lb. Was there anything that you remember adding time onto your last move?
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