Honors Student Request for Credit Overload
Do you want to enroll for more than 19 credits? Read through all of this information and submit your application.
  • Your 9 digit SUID. No dashes or spaces.
  • SU email address only
  • (22 is the maximum)
  • Enter the term: eg Spring 2015
  • I understand that I am being allowed to take over 19 credits because I am seeking an especially challenging semester academically. I will not abuse this privilege by signing up for more credits than I actually intend to use because I realize I would be taking space in classes from other students were I to do so. I certify that I do not have any outstanding grades of ā€œIā€ (Incomplete) on my transcript. I also understand that I must be making good progress in my Honors requirements to request this overload permission.

    I understand that I must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 at the beginning of the semester during which I am taking over 19 credits in order to be exempt from the additional tuition charge. If I do not have a 3.5 cumulative grade point average, I will take full financial responsibility for the additional credits. I understand that a cumulative average that is rounded up is not acceptable for this purpose and that there are no exceptions.