2019-20 CWIC Critical Speaking Fellowship
  • To apply for CWiC's teaching fellowship, do the following:

    I. Submit this completed online application form.

    II. When you submit your application form online, you’ll also attach your remaining application materials (below) as one pdf.
    1. Cover letter—Addressing the following prompts:
    a. Describe your teaching experience.
    b. Describe any experience you have with oral communication assignments.
    c. Explain why you want to teach a course focused on student speaking.
    d. Explain how oral communication assignments can help students learn the subject of your course.
    2. Course proposal—In your course description, include course objectives, possible readings, and types of oral communication assignments you are considering. A syllabus is not necessary, for this is a new course.
    3. Curriculum vitae

    III. One letter of reference from a Penn faculty member summited through emailmeform, which can be found at http://www.sas.upenn.edu/cwic/CS_fellowships.html.

    IV. A form submitted by the chairperson of the applicant’s home department that verifies that the home department will roster the course as follows:
    1. at the 00x, 100 or 200 level
    2. as a seminar capped at 16
    3. as a CWiC course for fall and spring semesters
    4. as open to all undergraduates
    And, the department will promote the course to its list of majors.
    This form can also be found at http://www.sas.upenn.edu/cwic/CS_fellowships.html.
  • Application Form

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