Post DTS Internship Application
Please note that application forms are relevant only for the time printed on the heading. To apply well in advance for a future school, email us at

1) Fill out this Application completely and have a photo ready to upload with file. You may use a recent one from your social media profile (within the current year) as long as applicant's face is clearly seen.

2. The application process is not considered completed until 3 completed character reference forms are submitted. One must come from your previous DTS leader/staff/outreach leader.
  • General Information

  • Please upload a recent picture of applicant
  • / /
  • / /
  • Write N/A if this does not apply to you.
  • Please note that successfully completing a DTS is a pre-requisite for this internship.
  • Spiritual Background

  • Check as many as apply, honestly.
  • Check as many as apply, honestly.
  • intimate, close-knit distant but casual distant and hostile no relationship at all
    my child/children
    the church
    authority figures in general
  • If you are not sure what they are, say so, but indicate the things that interest/excite you

  • Meals

    Please be mindful that special dietary needs must be presented here in order for adequate preparations to be made for your stay with us. We will do our best to accommodate special needs, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide all the items you are used to having. Please feel free to bring your own special food items/snacks with you.
  • Church and Reference Information

    If you do not currently attend a local church, or a recently converted, please find a local church to attend, and a pastor to whom you will remain accountable for the duration of the school. Home Churches are also accepted. You must have some kind of spiritual authority to whom we can refer if needed, while you are with us.
  • Your Youth or Sending/Missions Pastors are also acceptable here.
  • Specify whether days, weeks or months.
  • Financial Information

  • If you are not sure where the provision will be coming from, please check the latter box, and we will dialogue more during our interview with you.
  • Liabilities and Permissions

    Please carefully read before agreeing or declining, as these terms will be considered binding.
  • Please use the above box to make any notes regarding the form above. Questions asked here will be addressed in follow-up interview.