Tactical Pistol Low Light

Date/Time:November 18, 2024 4pm-9pm

TCOLE credit: 5 hours

Texas City Municipal Shooting Range
4000 Bay Street North
Texas City, TX 77590

Cost: $25.
Cash, Check or Money Orders only. Credit Cards are NOT accepted at this time.
Make checks payable to City of Texas City.

Limited spots; pre-registration required.

Instructors TCPD Firearms Instructors

Student Materials:
Flashlight: Hand and or weapon mounted
Eye Protection
Ear Protection
250 Rounds Handgun Ammunition

Students will familiarize themselves with the unique dynamics of firing their sidearm in low light conditions. This course will teach students the proper use of a light source, one-handed reloading in low light, clearing malfunctions in low light and several other techniques to utilize with dim lighting.

The student will also be required to conduct live fire range exercises evaluated on a pass/fail basis. Each student must be a licensed peace officer through TCOLE and must be covered by their respective departments insurance or Worker’s Compensation Plan. While attending any live-fire weapons training it is recommended to wear personal body armor. For clear recognition of the firearms instructor, he/she will be wearing a red shirt therefore it is requested students not wear red shirts.

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