Application for Nomination
Effective 2020, the annual deadline for this application is June 1.
  • Introductory and Contact Information

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    Please note that the minimum age for ordained ministry is 24. Mandatory retirement occurs at age 72, and as such, nomination for Holy Orders is not appropriate for those at or very near 72.
  • Please list the city, state or province, and country where you were born.
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  • How do you want people to address you?
  • Vocational Goal and Sponsoring Congregation

    For the paragraph text fields that follow, we recommend you compose all your answers in a minimally formatted word processing document, saving as you go along. Then copy/paste the text of each answer into the appropriate box of this form when you are finished. This approach can help you avoid losing your work if you accidentally close this browser tab.
  • In ~250 words, describe your discernment process.
  • In 100-150 words, describe the outcome of your previous application.
  • Personal History

  • In 400-500 words, please provide a brief autobiography including: your past education; past and present employment experience; reasons for seeking holy orders; persons, events and books which influenced the decision to seek holy orders; and your vision for who you might be as an ordained person.
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    Indicate when you completed the Day of Discernment.
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    Indicate when you completed the Time of Discernment.
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  • If you were not confirmed in an Episcopal Church, please also upload your certificate of reception in the Episcopal Church.
  • Upload certificates in .pdf format. Certificates of Reception are only required for applicants who were confirmed outside the Episcopal Church.
  • Depending on your hardware, you may use your finger, mouse, digital pen, or a similar pointing device to sign your name. If you want to start over, select "Clear."