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Abstract – serious individual work of the student. If this work is treated without due attention, then a good paper will not work. The work on the abstract shows the level of knowledge on this topic, whether the student is able to find information and work with sources, how interested and attentive he is to this subject.

Where and how to start the research paper? What is the introduction of the abstract? Each work begins with an introduction, it allows you to draw the reader's attention to the work, so that they have a desire to read it all, introduces topics to the course, transmits thoughts on the problem and plans.

Before choosing a topic for your research paper, you should consider whether it will be interesting and informative. Well, when the topic contains any problem relevant at this time. If we ask what the introduction is in the abstract, we can say that this is the business card of the work, it should be interesting and unusual. The introductory part usually takes about 10% of the total amount of work. When writing the introductory part, you should not miss any important details.
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